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Scholarships & Grants

Scholarship Program

Each year, the Foundation awards scholarships to students who are enrolled in construction programs in Texas’ technical and trade schools and colleges and universities and who are pursing a career in the building industry. Scholarships are awarded in the spring for the upcoming fall semester.

The application period for fall 2024 is now closed. The fall 2025 application period will open in February 2025.

View the 2024 auto-fill application and instructions here.

The focus of the Texas Builders Foundation is to help ensure the future of the residential building industry in Texas. Young adults graduating from career and technical programs and our colleges and universities are the future business owners of Texas who in turn hire employees and pay taxes. Currently, the homebuilding industry in Texas represents over 723,058 jobs and more than $67.5 billion annually in the Texas economy. As the state’s population continues to grow and the demand for housing continues to rise, these numbers will increase exponentially, as will the need for construction professionals. Since its inception in 2010, the Foundation has awarded thousands of dollars in student scholarships. Read here about our scholarship recipients.


Grant Programs

HBI-PACT Program Licensing Fee – MOU Between Habitat Chapter, School or Home Builders Association (License Holder) and the Home Builders Institute (HBI)

The Home Builders Institute’s Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Training (PACT) Program curriculum teaches students the skills and knowledge they need to be employed in an entry-level or semi-skilled job within the residential construction trades. Students who graduate from an HBI-licensed PACT program will receive an industry-recognized pre-apprenticeship credential that qualifies them for employment in the construction industry.

High schools, community colleges, vocational and technical schools, non-profit organizations (such as Habitat for Humanity chapters) – to name a few – that partner with a Texas home builders association are eligible to apply for a PACT curriculum license.

This grant application is open to schools (secondary, vocational, college level), non-profit organizations (such as Habitat for Humanity chapters), and home builders associations.

Information about the grant opportunity is here.  The application is here.

The Home Builders Institute (HBI) has partnered with the Texas Builders Foundation to provide curriculum licenses at a reduced fee to organizations that partner with a Texas home builders association.

General Grants

If you would like to apply for a grant to purchase materials or equipment for use in training your building trades students or for incentives/rewards for students in your construction programs, the application is here.   Grant Application Instructions are here.

Endowments and Major Gifts

A growing portfolio of Endowments and Major Gifts makes it possible for the Texas Builders Foundation to continue opening doors to building the American Dream of homeownership by paving the way for well-paying professional careers in the construction trades. We are grateful to the individuals, companies and organizations listed below that are supporting the Foundation through their generous donations.

An endowment is placed into an investment account, and only interest earned will be used to fund our programs. A Major Gift is deposited into the General Fund and can be accessed at the discretion of the Trustees.

  • A minimum gift of $10,000 (ten thousand dollars) is required to establish an endowment, and an Endowment Agreement must be executed.
  • A minimum commitment of $10,000 (ten thousand dollars) is required to be named as a Major Gift donor, and an agreement must be executed.  Find a sample major gift agreement here.

Find a sample endowment agreement here.

$125,000 Kelly-Moore Paints™ Endowment

On July 29, 2015, Kelly-Moore Paint Company, Inc. gifted the Foundation with its first endowment. Steve DeVoe, Chairman, CEO and President of Kelly-Moore Paints said, “We take pride in our products, and are committed to providing industry excellence to help ensure the future of the professional construction workforce.”


Herman and Patsy Smith Charitable Foundation Endowment

Since December 2015, Patsy Smith has contributed $55,000 to this endowment that continues the lifelong commitment of Herman and Patsy Smith to the housing industry and the education of future generations of homebuilders.


$50,000 Satterwhite Log Homes Major Gift

Since March 2017, Satterwhite Log Homes has been a generous supporter of the Foundation’s efforts to provide training to craftsmen who will continue to build fine homes for generations to come.


$50,000 Concho Valley Legacy Endowment

Established by the Home Builders Association of San Angelo in December 2015, with $1,000 donations from 50 individuals or companies.


$25,000 Associate Group Endowment

In August 2015, 10 associate member companies of the Home Builders Association of San Angelo partnered to establish this endowment.


$25,000 Water ReNu Endowment

Since August 2015, Water ReNu and the Foundation have been working together to ensure that in the future we have the necessary resources to build homes – water and a workforce.


Donations to the General Fund allow the Foundation to award scholarships to qualified students, to fund our grant programs, and to participate in charity builds. You can make a donation to the General Fund here.

Dedicated Funds

Dedicated (earmarked) funds honoring Texas builders or for specific building trades programs have been established through the Texas Builders Foundation. Visit our Make a Donation page to see the list of dedicated funds. More information about our dedicated funds and our Earmarked Donations Policy is here.

If you are interested in establishing a dedicated fund, endowment, pledging a major gift or bequest, please contact the Texas Builders Foundation.

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